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DPF comes clean with FSX Inc.

The TrapBlaster 7.

TrapBlaster 7 corrects for failures in traditional methods By David Hubbard The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) has proven a huge success in removing soot particulate matter from the exhaust stream since the 2007 EPA emissions mandate went into effect. The good news is these vehicles no longer belch black smoke and leave the stench of […]




Bus parking–inside and out By Ken Booth and Sheena Zimmerman Interior versus exterior bus parking has become a hot topic for transit providers in cold weather climates. Proponents of interior storage assert that warmer, sheltered parking improves and extends the life of the buses, makes maintenance easier, reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions, and enhances […]


Maintenance finds its own levels

Coach repairs conducted at the 10 ABC Companies Service Centers throughout the country range from general maintenance and common repairs and rebuilds to complete refurbishments.

ABC Companies Service Centers repair, rebuild and refurbish according to maintenance needs By David Hubbard Determined by the degree of wear and damage, coach repairs conducted at the 10 ABC Companies Service Centers throughout the country range from general maintenance and common repairs and rebuilds to complete refurbishments. These maintenance echelons are: Repair — the […]




Retrofitting company Complete Coach Works (CCW), Riverside, CA, says its all-electric Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) and ZEPS-equipped transit bus will save customers hundreds of thousands in fuel and maintenance costs. The ZEPS remanufactured transit bus, with its Gen 1 system, debuted in 2012. Gen 2 followed just over a year later, with Complete Coach […]


PM: What is the cost of doing nothing?


By Don Leidy and Mark Ellis Money talks, and when a public entity discovers how much time, energy and money it can save with a comprehensive facility maintenance plan, money practically screams. However, properly and vigilantly conducted facility maintenance is not just about saving money. A comprehensive facility maintenance plan also extends the functional life […]


Leak detection

Repairing a leak is not the biggest problem — it’s finding the leak in the first place.

Leak detection Turning a nuisance into routine maintenance By Valerie Scherer Leaks are more than just a nuisance. If not repaired in a timely manner, even a minor leak can lead to more costly repairs, downtime and ultimately vehicle failure. Leaks can also cost bus and coach companies hundreds of dollars each month in lost […]


Why amp-up air repair costs?

Why amp-up air repair costs? Routine voltage checks ensure good health in clutches and compressors By Steve Montgomery Clutch circuit low voltage is a common cause of clutch failure, and possibly the compressor. But it is preventable. Performing a routine voltage check as part of the routine maintenance procedures could save operators and fleets untold […]


It’s time to winterize


It’s time to winterize Thermo King provides HVAC maintenance tips and checklist By Steve Johnson With the busy holiday season just around the corner, transit authorities and motorcoach operators are dusting off their checklists and winterizing their fleets from the tires up. For HVAC system performance and reliability, there is no substitute for a proactive […]



BRM AUGUST 2014_experts

Lift Safety Steve Perlstein 1.800.833.2006 Sales and Marketing Manager                     Q: What is the most overlooked aspect of lift safety? A: The most overlooked aspect of lift safety is technician training. While most people know that anyone who drives a forklift has to watch a […]


5 essential lift safety tips


Mohawk Lifts offers this advice to stay safe and avoid noncompliance fines By Steve Perlstein The vehicle lifts that are supporting the motorcoaches, school buses and shuttle buses in your garage can represent one of the most productive tools in your shop, or potentially one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment you own if […]


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