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About Us

BUSRide Maintenance Magazine is one of the leading trade publications serving the bus and motorcoach maintenance industries in North America.

With a reach of more than 35,000 owners, operators, administrators and managers, BUSRide Maintenance targets key decision makers and thought leaders in the  maintenance sectors for the motorcoach, transit, paratransit, school bus, community transportation and shuttle bus industries. Each month, BUSRide Maintenance delivers an in-depth look inside the garage, examining the people, practices, products and services in this dymamic industry, focusing on special interest topics that include:

  •   Equipment
  •   Maintenance
  •   Facilities
  •   Safety
  •   Technology
  •   Finance
  •   Regulations
  •   Continuing   education
  •   Sustainability
  •   Human   resources
  •   Risk   management
  •   Operations
  •   Insurance
  •   Legal   issues

Power Trade Media

BUSRide Maintenance Magazine is published monthly by Power Trade Media, LLC, a business-to-business publishing company that serves two large business-to-business industry sectors through a comprehensive portfolio of integrated print and digital media products and services.

BUSRide Magazine

In addition, Power Trade Media publishes BUSRide Magazine, one of the leading trade publications in the North American bus and motorcoach industries for nearly 50 years. BUSRide delivers comprehensive coverage of the people, products, services and issues facing this complex and ever-changing market.


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