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Vanner unveils HBA on Orion VII

Connects with Allison Transmission to electrify and conserve

The HBA converts DC power from the output of a high-voltage motor to supply 24V power to the electrical accessories. Hybrid systems designed with this technology supply power for electrical accessories with a solid-state device instead of a mechanical device with lots of moving parts.

During the recent APTA EXPO in New Orleans, LA, Vanner, Hilliard, OH, unveiled its Hybrid Beltless Alternator™ (HBA) installed on the Orion VII transit bus with an Allison Transmission hybrid system. The event was in conjunction with the Daimler Buses North America (DBNA) exhibit. Vanner joined the DBNA partnership in 2010 with the release of the Allison hybrid for the Orion VII.

The solid-state HBA is a device that converts a portion of the 600-volt DC from the hybrid propulsion system to the 24-volt electrical system electifying the bus. The HBA replaces the traditional, large, belt-driven, mechanical alternator that has increased in size over time as bus technology has advanced and more electrical features have been added to the transit bus.
Vanner says the HBA is a cost-effective power alternative as it eliminates the alternator, regulator, V-belts, pulleys, tensioners and hydraulic cooling lines from a transit bus engine compartment.

The HBA produces full power at idle with electrical efficiencies between 92 and 96 percent. The cool running design produces ripple-free power to recharge the bus batteries while powering the electrical system. Vanner says the HBA also enables vehicles to expand electrification by powering the electric radiator fans and communicating with the bus via SAE J-1939.
Used with the new Vanner Vann-Bus Series-80 Equalizer, the HBA dynamically regulates the 12/24-volt batteries to control precisely the rate-of-charge, which extends the life of the batteries.

“The Vanner HBA is a basic foundational building block for energy efficient vehicle electrification,” says Chris Collet, Vanner vice president, bus and hybrid markets. “It monitors state-of-health data with automatic vehicle monitoring systems to assist bus companies with energy efficiency, maintenance cost reductions and vehicle readiness.” BRM

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